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If we decide to not breed with one of our cats, we will neuter him/her. During the years, this group of neuters is now the most stable part of our cattery. We truly love these cats and they really deserve this part on our website.


Macanope Pretty Patch

Macanope Pretty PatchAbout Patch:
Patch is a star in bringing her toys back after we throw them. She always welcomes us with a sweet little voice. Patch is a large female, high on her legs and a long body. She loves to stay in our save outside run. We totally felt in love with her after seeing a picture at 5 weeks, and still are!

Birthdate: 17-06-2003
EMS code: MCO fs 09 23
HCM (3x) negative at 13-09-2007 (HCM1 N/N)
PKD (3x) negative at 13-09-2007
HD OFA 'good'





Tempus Fugit Azalea

Tempus Fugit AzaleaAbout Azalea:
Azalea has one big love: WATER... Everything containing water is fun, esspecially if you can scoop it out. Azalea is the most intelligent cat we've seen, all new things here are invented by her. Azalea has beautifull deep green eyes, that still amazes us every day.

Birthdate: 22-12-2004
EMS code: MCO ns 09 22
HCM (2x) negative at 08-11-2007 (HCM1 N/N)
PKD (2x) negative at 08-11-2007*

* = during her second scan, the specialist found one of her kidneys decreased in size, which is a sign of CIN. Till now, her blood shows no signs of kidneyfaillure.




GIP / EC Sweet Rialto's Baltimore Bullet

BulletAbout Bullet:
Bullet is a sweet but slightly shy male, but since he's neutered he became a bit less shy and shows himself also to visitors. Bullet is a medium sized male with a good posture and beautifull appearance. We are proud that he became a European Champion!

Birthdate: 24-11-2005
EMS code: MCO w 62
HCM (3x) negative at 19-08-2013 (HCM1 N/N)
PKD negative at 13-09-2007
BAER 100% hearing




IC Tempus Fugit Saphira

BulletAbout Saphira:
Saphira is a happy and talking lady we kept from our Eragon-litter. When it turned out Saphira was white, odd-eyed ánd good hearing we just couldn't let her go. Her lovely face and her gorgeous eyes are just too magical!

Birthdate: 04-01-2007
EMS code: MCO w 63
HCM (3x) negative at 23-08-2010
PKD (3x) negative at 23-08-2010
BAER 100% hearing






IC Catdancer's Andastra

BulletAbout Anna:
Anna is a beautiful tortie lady, with a real tortie attitude. And we really like her for that! After several attempts she didn't got pregnant anymore, and during the surgery for neutering, it became clear why... So now Anna is retired a bit sooner than planned, but we really hope to enjoy her company for a long time.

Birthdate: 25-12-2007
EMS code: MCO f 03
HCM (3x) negative at 07-05-2012
PKD (3x) negative at 07-05-2012





Coonattack Cross the Water 'Disney'

BulletAbout Disney:
Disney is our blue dream come true. A beautiful strong solid blue male. He's so sweet, so beautiful and so special. After 7 years, we thought it was time for him to retire. He truly deserved it, he never marked and now lives with us as a happy neuter.

Birthdate: 15-05-2008
EMS code: MCO a
HCM (4x) negative at 30-07-2014
PKD (4x) negative at 30-07-2014





Tempus Fugit Rosalind Franklin

BulletAbout Franka:
Franka is recently neutered, as we were not satisfied with her development. She was small in size and also not happy as a open female. After neutering her, she developed much better, became stronger in size and also is much happier! She's a lovely female, too cute and always talking. This proves that not all cats are suitable breeding-cats.

Birthdate: 20-11-2010
EMS code: MCO n 22